American Basketball Association

The American Basketball Association (ABA) is a men’s professional basketball league.  The league has grown to become the largest professional sports league in the world!  In 1999 Joe Newman and Richard P. Tinkham founded the league. It is the re-launch of the original ABA which merged with the NBA in 1976.  Tinkham co-founded both the original ABA and the Indiana Pacers. Joe Newman was the CEO of Joe Newman Advertising, Inc. and Alliance Broadcasting Group, Inc.  The ABA was established in 1967 and merged with the National Basketball Association in 1976 [New Jersey Nets, San Antonio Spurs, Indiana Pacers, Denver Nuggets].  Some of the ABA notable players where: Julius Irving (Dr. J) George Gervin (The Iceman), Rick Barry, Moses Malone along with, many others that came to be NBA players.  The ABA was reformed in 2000 in partnership with the NBA and has been operating in harmony for the past 16 years.



Tjuan Benafactor

Tjuan Benafactor


Antjuan Washington, better known by his stage name ‘Benafactor’ (formerly Tjuan Benafactor), is an elite underground hip-hop artist. His talent, passion & drive have also helped him become a notable producer & award winning songwriter. Benafactor first emerged in 2012 with his single “FLY WIT ME” featuring Project Pat being played in-flight by Virgin Airlines.

The event promoter turned hip-hop artist feels his success stems from the basic desire to help and create opportunities for others. In 2014 he co-founded the Steel City Yellow Jackets in the famed American Basketball Association (ABA), who finished as one of the nation’s top teams before he sold the team to a long time business partner. In Feb 2015 he was named CEO of the ABA’s Media & Entertainment Division where he oversees league broadcast deals, sponsorships, merchandising, game day entertainment and more. He now also co-owns the Twin City Jazz, West Virginia Warlocks, Brooklyn Skyrockets, Akron Aviators, and Weirton Widowmakers.

Benafactor has reached #1 on the (BDS) Hip Hop/R&B Top 40 Charts and features in top music outlets across the country. He is currently signed to his own imprint Arucca Flyboy & distributed by Amada Records/Capitol Music Group.

Brian "Essince" Collins

Brian "Essince" Collins


Considered the “poster hip hopper for the American dream” [URB Magazine], Brian “Essince” Collins was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and adopted to the midwest where he found his place in hip-hop. Raised in northeast Ohio, Essince began his music career at the age of 11 and has since expanded beyond state and national borders throughout Asia and Europe.

With successful foreign tours, Critically-Acclaimed documentary work with DJ Vlad, and sold out shows across the country, Essince established his multi-platinum company, Royal Heir Entertainment in 2008, which specializes in global media, marketing, and distribution.

Currently Essince owns the Akron Aviators, a professional basketball team in the iconic American Basketball Association (ABA) and manages chart-topping viral sensation, Layla Khepri.


– RIAA certified 4x Platinum (Drake “Views”)
– Twelve #1 Billboard albums/singles
– co-promoter, sold out Pitbull concert at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium
– live video work for Jay-Z, Beyonce, J Cole, Big Sean, Chance the Rapper




ABA Rules

  • The ABA season runs from November through April (including playoffs).
  • Teams are community driven, with a focus on giving back to their communities.
  • The ABA has unique rules  which allow for a faster pace leading to a higher scoring and more exciting event.
    • Guard driven league results in 48 minutes of high paced action
    • Half-Court violation: the ABA is 7 seconds opposed to 8 seconds in the NBA to get across the half-court line. If an ABA team is not successful in getting over the half-court line within 7 seconds it results in a turnover which initiates the 3D light
    • When the 3D Light is on: 2 pt. shots = 3 pts. | 3 pt. shots = 4 pts. | a half-court shot = 5 pts.
    • (6) Six Fouls leads to a technical foul and the ball | a player in the ABA cannot foul out of the game, but after six fouls it results in a technical and the opposing team gets the ball. The team that has the player with six fouls has the choice to keep that player in the game or take him out due to the fact that if he fouls again they would receive not only the foul but also a technical foul.

ABA Streetball

The ABA Streetball Tour is the newest division of the historic American Basketball Association (ABA). This year’s tour features And1 Streetball legend Robert “50” Martin as well as Streetball stars Posterboy, Genius2k, Erratic and a host of others. The ABA Streetball Tour is broken up into several regional touring teams. The ABA Streetball touring season runs from August to May with the touring season ending in Las Vegas where the regional touring ABA Streetball teams will compete in the ABA Streetballs Tour’s first annual Streetball Tournament.